What is the average FPAS score?

What is the average FPAS score?

FPAS Calculator ⋅ 2021 Application Cycle Mean SJT Score from Overall Applicants (2020) is 39.85 with a standard deviation of 4.16.

How do I find my Sriel SJT score?

How do I view my EA and SJT scores on Oriel? Log in to your Oriel account and go into your Applications tab on the dashboard. Click on your Application Summary for your application. All relevant scores will be displayed on this page.

How competitive is Oxford deanery?

Oxford. Being a close neighbour to the highly competitive School in London, Oxford tends to be quite competitive, with 2021 and 2020 having a ratio of 1.3-1.4. However, in 2019 the ratio dropped to a low 0.59, being the second lowest ratio of that year.

What does my SJT score mean?

SJT scores are reported on a 0 to 50 scale with the lowest possible score receiving 0.00 points and the highest possible score receiving 50.00 points. This ensures that when the SJT and EPM scores are combined they each have an equal weighting.

How do I get my SJT results?

Results of the SJT will be available on Oriel (the NHS employment platform) when the first round of programme allocations is released. In 2020, this is due to be on Thursday 2nd April.

Where is easteast Anglia Foundation School?

East Anglia foundation school encompasses a large portion of the east of England. The deanery covers Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire. There are a mixture of specialist centres and busy DGHs.

What is the cut-off for Anglia Ruskin University?

Anglia Ruskin don’t have a formal cut-off but do rank applicants by UCAT when deciding the interview shortlist. For 2021 entry the lowest interviewed score was 2410. In 2020 and 2019, the respective UCAT scores were 2430 and 2440. GCSEs are not used for shortlisting beyond meeting the minimum requirements.

What’s it like to be a medical student at East Anglia?

The University of East Anglia and Cambridge University send their medical students to hospitals around the deanery so you have the opportunity to be involved in medical education both within your hospital and at the universities themselves. As the deanery is quite widespread most people choose to live in more central town areas and commute to work.

When do the scores change for foundation school?

The scores change yearly and are dependent on a number of factors. The deadlines for ranking programmes vary by Foundation School but are all before the end of March. You’ll be matched to a programme on 9th April, or you’ll be required to re-rank the Reserve list allocations in your deanery.