What is sordid behavior?

What is sordid behavior?

Describe a person’s actions as sordid if they are so immoral or unethical that they seem dirty. If you want to hear the sordid details of someone’s actions, it’s because they were extremely dishonest or immoral and also because they were supposed to be kept a secret.

Is Essex safe?

Of course, crime is a nationwide problem and generally Essex is regarded as a very safe county to live in. If you are concerned about rising crime in your area, taking some extra security steps can put your mind at ease.

What is the synonyms of wretched?

SYNONYMS FOR wretched 1 dejected, distressed, afflicted, woeful, woebegone, forlorn, unhappy.

Is Essex a wealthy area?

In contrast, mid, west and south-west Essex is one of the most affluent parts of eastern England, forming part of the London commuter belt. There is a large middle class here and the area is widely known for its private schools.

What are two synonyms for sordid?

other words for sordid

  • disreputable.
  • nasty.
  • shameful.
  • sleazy.
  • squalid.
  • vile.
  • abject.
  • avaricious.

What does sordid past mean?

1 dirty, foul, or squalid. 2 degraded; vile; base.

What does being called a sort mean?

A term used to identify someone who is well-put together, attractive, and is likeable.

What does plodding mean?

1 : to work laboriously and monotonously : drudge. 2a : to walk heavily or slowly : trudge. b : to proceed slowly or tediously the movie’s plot just plods along.

What is the meaning of the poem O Me O life?

O Life!” As a Representative of Human Struggle: The poem centers on humans’ struggle that how they spend years and years catching futile dreams. Hence, the poet questions everyone’s life purpose. According to him, everyone around him is foolish and faithless.

What is Essex famous for?

While many people view Essex as being a party county, it has been the place where a number of talented artists have honed their skills. Acts like Depeche Mode, Alison Moyet and The Prodigy all call Essex ‘home’. 6. The famous Clinton Cards shop was founded in Loughton.

How do you use sordid in a sentence?

Sordid sentence example

  1. Obviously they thought there was something sordid to hide.
  2. For the first time in their history, they stood a real chance of turning a sordid love story into a pure one.
  3. His vices were rather of the sordid than of the satanic order.
  4. That sounds so sordid but, I guess, something like that.

What does sort mean in British slang?

Attractive girl or woman

What does the word sordid mean?

1 : marked by baseness or grossness : vile sordid motives. 2a : dirty, filthy. b : wretched, squalid. 3 : meanly avaricious : covetous.

What is another word for sordid?

What is another word for sordid?

base ignoble
despicable foul
shoddy squalid
wretched corrupt
disreputable ignominious

How do you say hello in Essex?

8. Aite Geez. Hello, hiya, aite geez – all the same thing but one is a sure sign that you’re from Essex. Usually used between men, it’s a greeting or a way of agreeing with someone.

What does Essex mean?

Noun. 1. Essex – a county in southeastern England on the North Sea and the Thames estuary. England – a division of the United Kingdom. Home Counties – the English counties surrounding London into which Greater London has expanded.

What’s ironic about cheevy’s opinion of these two things?

What’s ironic about Cheevy’s opinion of these two things? It’s ironic because he see romance as welfare and art as a vagrant. Miniver Cheevy: Alliteration occurs frequently in the poem, as seen with Cheevy and child [Line 1], Miniver mourned [Line 13], and ripe renown [Line 13].

What does sort mean in Essex?

A sort. Origin: Essex. Definition: A term to describe someone a person finds physically attractive. Used in a sentence: “That new girl’s a right sort.”

What does sordid reproach mean?

6- What does the word condescension mean in this sentence? 9- What does the word sordid mean in this sentence? “The chance of its sordid reproach…” Filthy; vile.

What does vainly mean?

Not yielding the desired outcome; fruitless: a vain attempt. 2. Lacking substance or worth: vain talk. 3. Having or showing excessive pride in one’s appearance or accomplishments; conceited.