What is Scav?

What is Scav? Scav, or the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt, is a four-day scavenger hunt that takes place each year in Hyde Park, Chicago.

What is the Scav case in Tarkov?

The Scav Case is one of the last available hideout upgrades in Tarkov and requires a significant investment to construct requiring a number of golden items like Rolers, neck chains and skull rings that often make it a multimillion Rouble investment.

What do you get with 85k Scav case?

The 85k Scav Case offers a diverse reward loot table and primarily includes keys, weapon attachments, barter items and ammo. Consistent across all the Rouble options is that your profit will primarily come from once off big item hauls that can regularly provide millions of Roubles.

What are the best Scav case options in Fortnite?

The most useful of all the Scav Case options is the Fierce Hatchling Moonshine option which players can purchase from the flea market or craft themselves if they have the Booze Generator hideout module.