What is roti bakar?

What is roti bakar?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Roti bakar (lit. “burnt bread”) refers to toast, usually prepared with grilled white bread, in both the Indonesian and Malay languages. The dish is a popular breakfast food as well as tea time snack in countries like Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Do you put eggs on top of roti bakar?

A Roti Bakar 101 Abdul’s Roti Bakar is served in two different ways: eggs on top, or served on the side, in a cup. The first method should be self-explanatory: just dig in, break the yolk and wait until it soaks the upper layer of the bread.

What is your review of roti canai?

Roti Canai was thin but mediocre. Though the aromatic curry was different from other roti canai with the spices used to spice up the curries but it was compensated with a higher price, as compared to other roti canai relatively.