What is RHIA in medical coding?

What is RHIA in medical coding?

Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA®) RHIAs are a critical link between care providers, payers, and patients. The RHIA has a comprehensive knowledge of medical, administrative, ethical, and legal requirements and standards related to healthcare delivery and privacy of protected patient information.

What is a RHIA credential?

The RHIA credential—awarded by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)—denotes one’s competency in the management of protected health information, including its input, security, transmission, and storage.

What do RHIA do?

An RHIA, or registered health information administrator, is a certified professional who oversees the creation and use of patient health information, including analyzing that data. RHIAs work in healthcare and related settings, such as health IT vendors and insurance carriers.

How do I prepare for RHIA?

10 Ways to Feel Better Prepared for the RHIA Certification Exam

  1. Take advantage of early RHIA certification testing.
  2. Study with distractions.
  3. Realize that you know more than you think you do.
  4. Don’t feel like you have to be an expert in all areas.
  5. Expect questions and answers to be in random order.
  6. Pace yourself.

Is RHIA in demand?

An AHIMA-sponsored workforce study indicated that 94 percent of employers surveyed preferred hiring employees with the RHIA credential. Currently, the demand for graduates of HIM programs who have also passed this credentialing examination far exceeds the supply of credentialed graduates.

How much does the RHIA cost?

What is the cost of the exam? The exam is $299 for non-AHIMA members and $229 for AHIMA members.

What happens if you fail the RHIT exam?

Applicants who fail to schedule their exam within the four-month window will forfeit their exam fee.

Is the RHIA exam multiple choice?

The exam includes 180 multiple choice questions. Twenty of these questions are a pre-test, and the remaining 160 are scored.

How many coding questions are on the RHIA exam?

RHIA Eligibility and Exam The RHIA certification exam includes 180 multiple-choice ques- tions for an exam time of 4 hours. Out of the 180 questions, only 160 are scored; the other 20 questions are pretest questions, which are not scored, so they cannot count for or against the final score.

How to become a RHIA?

– Official bachelor’s degree transcripts from a regionally-accredited institution – Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores – Application and fee – Personal essay – Prerequisite courses in anatomy and physiology – Resume – TOEFL or IELTS scores (for applicants whose first language is not English)

How do I get RHIA certified?

Career Information for an RHIA. What is RHIA,exactly?

  • RHIA Career Requirements. Sources: U.S.
  • Steps to Become a RHIA. Prospective RHIAs must complete a bachelor’s program in health information management accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).
  • RHIA vs RHIT.
  • How to get RHIA certification?

    You have successfully completed an accredited,baccalaureate-level program in Health Information Management.

  • You have successfully completed an accredited,master’s level program in Health Information Management.
  • You have successfully completed an accredited,post-baccalaureate degree program in Health Information Management.
  • What is RHIA certification?

    – Classification systems – Health record content & documentation – Data governance – Data management & secondary data sources