What is Quovo?

What is Quovo?

About us. Quovo is a data platform that provides connectivity to financial accounts at over 14,000 institutions. Leading fintech firms, such as Betterment, Earnin, SoFi, and Wealthfront, along with some of the largest retail banks in the US, rely on Quovo’s account connectivity technology to deliver their services.

Did Plaid buy Quovo?

When Plaid acquired Quovo earlier this year, it was clear the company wanted to move beyond checking and savings data to a broader view of investments. Today, the company announced Investments, an API based on Quovo, that enables customers to pull investment data into their apps.

How much did Plaid buy Quovo for?

Fintech firm Plaid is making its first major acquisition. The company announced Tuesday it will buy a similar start-up called Quovo for just south of $200 million, according to a source familiar with the deal, who asked not to be named because negotiations were private.

What is Plaid Quovo?

Plaid, the fintech startup that enables developers to create financial services applications, announced its first major buy, acquiring Quovo, a startup that aggregates investment data.

Who owns Quovo?

Plaid Inc.QUOVO INC. / Parent organization

Does plaid work with Vanguard?

Plaid delivers a reliable and easy integration to Vanguard so that you can seamlessly power your Fintech innovation.

Does Plaid work with Vanguard?

Why does Visa acquire Plaid?

The companies said they mutually agreed to terminate their agreement after the Department of Justice sued to block the deal in November on antitrust concerns, claiming that Visa, the largest credit and debit payments network in the U.S., aimed to acquire Plaid in order to quash a “competitive threat.” Plaid’s software …

Is Plaid a startup?

San Francisco fintech startup Plaid made waves in January 2020 when it announced it was selling to Visa. Now, with a $13 billion-plus valuation after a new funding round, founders Zach Perret and William Hockey will be glad the deal fell through.

Is Plaid free?

Plaid is free for everyone who uses a Plaid-powered app, allowing you to securely connect your bank account to the apps you want in just a few seconds.

Does Plaid work with GO2bank?

Note: GO2bank uses Plaid to link your bank account. It’s a secure and private means to link your account.

Does Visa acquiring Plaid?

13, 2020, Visa announced that it planned on acquiring Plaid in a deal worth $5.3 billion — roughly double the start-up’s last private valuation. Plaid CEO Zach Perret said in a statement the company will work with Visa as an investor and partner going forward.

Quovo provides account aggregation and data analytics technology for finance. View contacts for Quovo to access new leads and connect with decision-makers. Quovo is a data platform that provides companies with connectivity and insights for millions of consumer financial accounts across more than 14,000 different institutions.

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