What is Prius triangle warning light?

What is Prius triangle warning light?

The yellow triangle is the master warning light. A common reason for this to be on is that the oil level is low.

What does VSC mean on a 2008 Prius?

VSC is short for ‘Vehicle Stability Control,’ which is the stability control system that Toyota uses in their vehicles. Stability control helps your vehicle maintain traction and control by reducing—or completely cutting—power sent to your wheels.

What does the orange triangle with an exclamation point mean in a Toyota?

Master warning light: Appears as an exclamation point inside a triangle. Tire pressure warning light: This light shows up as an exclamation point inside an open circle. It’ll appear either when one or more of the tires is low on air, or when the tire pressure warning system isn’t working correctly.

Why does the slippery car symbol keep showing on my Prius?

Indicates that the Active Traction Control (A-TRAC) system has been activated. The Active Traction Control system automatically helps prevent the spinning of four wheels when the vehicle is started or accelerated on slippery road surfaces.

What does red triangle light mean?

The Mercedes red triangle with a car warning light comes on due to the Active Brake Assist function. Based on your current speed and when several seconds have passed, if Active Brake assist determines that your distance from the vehicle in front is not sufficient, the red triangle warning light will display.

Does the Toyota logo spells Toyota?

Car logos are often among the most recognisable in the world, and Toyota’s is no different. It seems the three ovals within Toyota’s current logo, introduced in 1989, can spell out every letter of Toyota – with the help of a little creative highlighting (below).

Why is my ABS and VSC light on?

The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) warning light indicates there is an issue with your traction control system, and your VSC and ABS will temporarily be out of function. The VSC stands for vehicle stability control and is Toyota and Lexus way of handling traction control.