What is post processing in GPS?

What is post processing in GPS?

The Post Processing method of involves downloading of complete survey data and processing in office. While Real Time Processing of GPS data involves the processing of data in real time or say when the GPS survey is going on.

Which are commercial software for post processing in GPS?

Commercial GPS/GNSS Post-processing Software

Software Developer/Company
Bernese Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern (AIUB)
Trimble Business Center Trimble
RTNet GPS Solutions

What is static mode in GPS?

Static GPS/GNSS, where the receiver is stationary, is the original GPS/GNSS method. It is still the preferred approach for establishing the most accurate positions, the control. For example, some processing and data checking should be performed on a daily basis during a GPS/GNSS project.

What is post-processing PDF?

The post-processing feature allows opening any of the files produced by Universal Document Converter with the default viewer that is associated with the particular file type or with any other application that is installed on your computer.

What is rover and base?

GPS Rover and Base: For All-Important Accuracy, it’s all about LOCATION. Rovers and base stations have been around and used in our industry for a long time. Base stations receive signals from GPS satellites and create a correction factor that eliminates errors in the GPS and then sends it to the rover.

What is a Rinex file?

Receiver INdependent EXchange format files contain raw satellite navigation system data relative to a specified interval of time (typically one calendar day). They allow users to add corrections to their data in post-processing, improving its accuracy.

What is the purpose of static survey?

A Static Survey is performed to produce a high accuracy post-processed coordinate for an unknown position on the surface of the earth. Surveys by geodetic surveyors (new titles and relocation surveys) in the 21st century will required accurate Latitude/Longitude and Grid Coordinates to define survey points.

How and for which application GPS data are collected by static positioning technique?

Static surveys are regional, sub-cm precision GNSS surveys with portable equipment and are the standard campaign data collection method for crustal deformation surveys. They typically involve occupying each point for several days to get the highest possible accuracy.