What is p3m?

What is p3m?

The Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) is a management maturity model looking across an organization at how it delivers its projects, programmes and portfolio(s). P3M3 looks at the whole system and not just one processes.

What is Particle Mesh Ewald?

Particle Mesh Ewald (PME) is a long-range interactions computation. algorithm for periodic systems. It is based on the Ewald summation, first. described in 1921 [7]. Originally it was used for the ionic crystals’ energy.

Why is P3M important?

The goals of P3 management are to: deliver the required objectives to stakeholders in a planned and controlled manner; govern and manage the processes that deliver the objectives effectively and efficiently.

What are P3M tools?

P3M Engine, like most PPM (Portfolio and Program Management) tools, provides a way to store and retrieve project information. That alone is inadequate. To address the short falls observed in the industry, P3M Engine had to be more than a tool. It had to transform the way an organization operates.

What is Ewald contribution?

Ewald summation, named after Paul Peter Ewald, is a method for computing long-range interactions (e.g. electrostatic interactions) in periodic systems. In this method, the long-range interaction is divided into two parts: a short-range contribution, and a long-range contribution which does not have a singularity.

What is Ewald sum?

Ewald summation is an important technique used to deal with long-range Coulomb interaction. While it is widely used in simulations of molecules and solid state materials, many important results are dispersed in liter- ature and their implementations are often buried deep in large software packages.

What does bought P3M mean?

P3M stands for “programme, portfolio and project management”. Product management is a closely related discipline and as most software organisations do product development I’ll include it in the discussion. P3M Levels: programme, project, portfolio. and product management.

What is the difference between Programme and portfolio management?

A program is a group of projects that are similar or related to one another, and which are often managed and coordinated as a group instead of independently. A portfolio is a group of different programs and/or projects within the same organization, which may be related or unrelated to one another.

What is PMO Portfolio Management?

PMO: Project Management Office The PMO is responsible for project management standards, ensures that the projects launched are aligned with the objectives of the company, the general health of the portfolio, manages reporting and centralization of information (among other tasks).

What is PPM and PM?

PM focuses on the specific project at hand only. Project Portfolio Management(PPM) takes project management to a higher level. PPM gives you the big picture and allows Project Managers to see a more enterprise view of all active, inactive and potential projects.

What is P3M3?

(July 2011) P3M3 (also known as the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model) is a management maturity model looking across an organization at how it delivers its projects, programmes and portfolio(s).

How many versions of P3M3 have there been?

There have been 3 versions of P3M3. Version 1 was issued in 2005 – this model worked on the basis that organisational maturity started with project management, then moved to programme management with portfolio management maturity coming at the highest level of maturity.

What is Particle–Particle-Particle–Mesh (P3M)?

Particle–Particle-Particle–Mesh ( P3M) is a Fourier-based Ewald summation method to calculate potentials in N-body simulations. The potential could be the electrostatic potential among N point charges i.e. molecular dynamics, the gravitational potential among N gas particles in e.g. smoothed particle hydrodynamics, or any other useful function.

What is a P3M3 accredited consulting company?

P3M3 accredited consulting companies are usually able to offer a suite of assessments: The accreditation scheme offered by Axelos is aimed at consulting companies, for such to become accredited in the provision of P3M3 assessments.