What is ncfte-2010?

What is ncfte-2010?

Since National Policy on Education (1986) advocated for an ‘overhaul’ of the teacher teacher education curriculum so as to address the issue of theory-practice gap in the system. education in India. NCFTE-2010, is a sequel to the earlier curriculum frameworks (NCFTE,

What is the NCTE 2010 Vision Statement on Teacher Education?

specified number of isolated lessons” (NCTE, 2010, p. 11/12). various factors informing the processes of education. Besides making a critique of the existing overcome the perils of the previous system. . The document in its vision statement on teacher education claims that “reflective practice is the central aim of teacher education”. It

What is the ncte-2010 reflective practicum model?

Parallel to this assertion of Reflective Practicum Model, NCTE-2010 titles”. Rather the curricular outlines “constitute the basic themes on which the curricula and courses are to be built to suit particular context” (NCTE,2010, p. 25). Thus a thematic approach is followed in the new curriculum framework in tandem with Schons emphasis. The thematic