What is my SAT essay subscore?

What is my SAT essay subscore?

Test scores: your Reading, Writing and Language, and Math scores; range from 10 to 40. SAT essay scores: three scores for Reading, Analysis, and Writing, each between 2 and 8. Subscores: four subscores for skill areas in Reading and Writing and three for skill areas in Math; range between 1 and 15.

How can I see my SAT scores from years ago?

For instructions, see collegeboard.com and search for archived scores. The fee ranges from $21 for tests taken between 19, to $33 for scores from 1975 or earlier. For an added fee, you can order scores by phone at

How do I find my combined SAT essay score?

If you took the SAT on or after March 2016, you’ll receive three scores for the SAT Essay – one for each dimension – ranging from 2-8 points. You will need to combine each of these three and enter the combined number in the Highest essay score box.

Is a 1500 SAT score good?

Is a Score of 1500 Good? A 1500 puts you in nearly the 99th percentile of all 1.7 million test takers. Just 100 points shy of a perfect score, a 1500 makes you eligible to apply to every college and university in the country and be competitive for admission at almost every single one, including elite institutions.

Should I retake a 1500 SAT?

Should I retake a 1500 SAT score? We need more information to be able to make an educated decision here, but to be brief: yes retake it if you have about 2 months to prep, and your practice-test scores are coming in at 1550 or higher. But don’t retake if you don’t have that time to prep.

How hard is it to get a 1500 SAT?

Unless you already have the required skill, it’s not easy to earn a score of 1500 on the SAT. If you do, it’s very easy. Mathematically speaking, with a 1500 you would be superior to 99.5 percent of test takers, approximately.