What is my Mac system lock pin?

What is my Mac system lock pin?

Before rebooting, however, your Mac will reconfigure its boot-time firmware so that instead of loading OS X directly, you’ll start at a pre-boot prompt asking for a four-digit code: The code is a so-called “system lock PIN,” and you choose it when you activate Lost Mode.

How do I bypass the 6 digit pin on my Mac?

The only way to have this unlocked is either type in the 4 or 6 digit code that was set up on the iCloud webpage when locking the mac or take the machine to an Apple Store or authorized service provider to have them unlock the machine but they will need to verify that your account locked the machine etc.

Why does my Mac ask for a pin?

As long as the card is inserted into the card reader, the OS will ask for the Smart Card PIN when you need to authenticate instead of a password.

Can you make a PIN password on a Mac?

Yes, secure pin login with no problem, but You need usb security key.

How do I remove the pin lock on my macbook air?


  1. Sign in to iCloud.com with their Apple ID.
  2. Go to Find My iPhone.
  3. Select All Devices to open a list of devices linked to their account, then select the device that you’re removing.
  4. Click Remove from Account.

Can a macbook be tracked after factory reset?

Assuming you enabled the Computrace feature in the BIOS, it doesn’t matter if the laptop was factory reset. The computer will “ping home” when it’s next connected to the internet. If you didn’t do this, then no – you can’t trace the laptop once it’s been factory reset.

How do I change my Mac password to PIN?

If you know your password and can use it to log in to your account, you can change your password in Users & Groups preferences:

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click Users & Groups.
  2. Select your user name from the list of users.
  3. Click the Change Password button, then follow the onscreen instructions.