What is my GRCC email password?

What is my GRCC email password?

If you do not know your username or password, Navigate to the GRCC Password Reset System to use the Forgot Password / Forgot Username options. If you did not set up your password recovery information then give IT Customer Support a call at 616-234-4357.

How do I access my GRCC student email?

Your GRCC student email address is automatically set up for you. You can find it by logging into your MyGRCC account and clicking on the rectangle that says “GSuite” OR by typing in email.grcc.edu into your search bar.

What is my GRCC username?

Your username is the first part of your GRCC email address or everything before the “@”.

How do I find my GRCC student ID number?

You may find your Student ID number: On the acceptance letter you received from the college after you first applied for admission. On your RaiderCard ID (one can be obtained in the Student Life Office located in the Student Center right next to the bookstore. The first card you receive is free.

How do I change my degree path GRCC?

Log in into your Online Center and submit a request online (not GRCC health program) or if you’d like to change your major to a health program, submit a paper form to the GRCC Health Admissions Office. You must have a new major (curriculum code) for the form to be processed.

How do I apply to GRCC?

New students

  1. Visit your MyGRCC portal .
  2. Select the GRCC Online Center button.
  3. Select the Add/Drop Classes link.
  4. Select Class Search and Enroll, then choose the upcoming semester.
  5. Type the class prefix and course number you wish to look up in the field under Search for Classes, then click the arrow under that field.

How can I get technical help with Blackboard GRCC?

Blackboard Help

  1. Send Technical Support, Problems, and Error Message Questions to: [email protected]
  2. Send How-To and General Questions to: [email protected] | DLIT Website.

How do I change my Grcc email password?

Recover Password

  1. Go to MyGRCC.
  2. Click Forgot Password.
  3. Enter Username.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click on Alternate Email address to send a verification code.
  6. Enter Verification Code.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Chose to send SMS Text or Answer Security Questions (based on your recovery information)

How do you get a Raider Card?

How do I get a RaiderCard? Bring a valid picture ID and your student number to Student Life, the Tassell M-Tec or the Lakeshore Campus to receive your RaiderCard. Your first RaiderCard is free, and replacement cards cost $10 each.