What is Minasa Festival?

What is Minasa Festival?

Minasa Festival is the official festival of Bustos observed every January where street dances, dance showdowns, cooking contests, singing contests, running events, beauty pageants, live band concerts and other variety shows are commonly done.

Why do people celebrate minasa?

Minasa Festival is showcasing the town’s delicious delicacies Minasa Cookies and locally made food item as well as other items, for example, the dry-like wafer fresh Barquillos. This event demonstrates their way of life and their convention through this Minasa celebration. This celebration proceeds for seven days.

What is a Minasa?

Minasa cookies are popular Bulacan sweets made from arrow root (“sago”) cassava flour, fresh coconut milk, sugar and egg. Minasa refers to the knea¬ding motion used to create the dough.

How is minasa celebrated?

The week-long festival includes street dancing, fireworks, and fairs selling local merchandise. Visitors will also be able to sample the Minasa Cookie—a rectangular, wafer cookie for which the town is famous.

What are the festival in Bulacan?

5 Fascinating Bulacan Festivals during the Month of May

  • Marilao, Bulacan Festival: Luyang Dilaw (May 2)
  • Meycauayan, Bulacan Festival: Liputan Fluvial Parade (1st or 2nd Sunday of May)
  • Pulilan, Bulacan Festival: Kneeling Carabao (May 14-15)
  • Obando, Bulacan Festival: Kasilonawan (May 17-19)

How do I get from Busto Bulacan to Cubao?

There are 4 ways to get from Cubao, Quezon City to Bustos by bus, taxi, night bus or car

  1. Take the bus from Manila Cubao to Tabang.
  2. Take a taxi from Tabang to Bustos.

Where is Singkaban found?

Bulacan province
Singkaban is abundantly known to the Bulacan province especially in Malolos and Hagonoy where Singkaban Art originated. The Singkaban Fiesta is the festival of arts and culture in honor of Our Lady of Victory in Malolos, Bulacan.

What is Minasa Festival in Bulacan?

The Minasa Festival is the official festival of Bustos, Bulacan Province. It is held in the second week of January, aligned with the Sto. Niño. The week-long festival includes street dancing, fireworks, and fairs selling local merchandise.

What is the Minasa Festival of Bustos?

One of the most visited celebrations is the Minasa Festival of Bustos, Bulacan. It is the official festival of the place which is held every 11th to 20th of January. It is a week-long event with several features to enjoy. Visitors should expect street dancing competition, delicacies display and food stalls, and other fun activities in the daylight.

What to expect at the Minasa Festival?

Another feature of the Minasa Festival is its showcase of local delicacies like the Minasa Cookies. It is a toasted and less sugary version of cookies. It has an elegant flavor which distinguishes it from other locally-made cookies. . It is definitely something both local and foreign tourists just can’t miss to try when visiting.