What is Memebox?

What is Memebox?

Memebox is a Korean company launched in Seoul by Hyungseok Dino Ha in 2012. It started as a subscription box service. The main objective was to make the best of K-beauty more accessible in western countries.

What happened to Memebox private labels?

Then there are Memebox’s four private labels — Nooni, Bonvivant, Pony Effect, and I’m Meme. Bonvivant will be rebranded to be called I Dew Care, and a fifth line, Shine Easy Glam, is being added. Ha says the lines are profitable and Meme will continue to offer new products within the brands, but you’ll still be sent to Amazon to purchase them.

Does Memebox sell K-beauty products?

As of today, Memebox will no longer directly sell K-beauty products in the US. Instead, the site will be a clearinghouse for education, reviews, and product information — like a Tripadvisor for beauty, as the company noted in a press release.

What happened to Memebox’s loyalty program?

When Memebox announced in March that it was discontinuing its loyalty program and would start sending shoppers to other sites for products when its own stock ran out, it was fairly obvious that it was getting out of the K-beauty retail game.

How much does Memebox-Nooni cost?

MEMEBOX – Nooni – Applemint lip oil – 3.5ml Special Price$11.49 Regular Price:$12.00 -4% Add to Compare Add to Wishlist Quick shop MEMEBOX – I’M MEME Brow Master-cara – 5g

How much does im Memebox-I’m meme multi cube cost?

MEMEBOX – I’M MEME Multi Cube (New) – 7.7g Special Price$11.39 Regular Price:$18.00 -37% Add to Compare Sort ByPopularity Position Name Lowest Price Highest Price Release Date Trending 1 – 12 of 43 Items 12 24 48 72 Page:

How much does Memebox-I’m Pep-I’m afternoon tea cost?

3 4 Add to Wishlist Quick shop MEMEBOX – I’M Pep! Balm – 15g Special Price$6.29 Regular Price:$16.80 -63% Add to Compare Add to Wishlist Quick shop MEMEBOX – I’M MEME – I’m Afternoon Tea Contour Palette