What is meant by reappeared?

What is meant by reappeared?

intransitive verb. : to come back into view or show up for a second or subsequent time : to appear again Darting down the corridor …, she reappeared moments later carrying glasses in filigreed silver holders …—

What type of word is reappeared?

This is the British English definition of reappear….reappear ​Definitions and Synonyms.

present tense
past participle reappeared

What is the root of the word reappeared?

Anything that goes away and comes back reappears. The word adds the “again” prefix re- to appear, from its Latin root apparere, “come in sight.” Definitions of reappear.

What do you mean by unfriendly?

Definition of unfriendly : not friendly: such as. a : hostile, unsympathetic an unfriendly nation. b : inhospitable, unfavorable. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About unfriendly.

What is the opposite of reappeared?

Opposite of to appear again. disappear. pass. leave.

What means mispronounce?

Definition of mispronounce transitive verb. : to pronounce incorrectly or in a way regarded as incorrect.

What is the affixes of mispronounced?

In any case, the verb mispronounce combines the prefix mis-, “wrong or bad,” and pronounce, “to utter or say.” Definitions of mispronounce. verb. pronounce a word incorrectly. “She mispronounces many Latinate words”

What do you call someone who is not friendly?

antagonistic, chilly, combative, hateful, inhospitable, unfavorable, acrimonious, against, alien, aloof, antisocial, censorious, cold, competitive, conflicting, contrary, disaffected, disagreeable, distant, estranged.

Which means to disappear suddenly?

vanish. verb. to disappear in a sudden and mysterious way.

What is another word for reappearing?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reappear, like: re-emerge, repeat, come-again, recur, show up, appear, reenter, reoccur, crop up again, repetition and re-appear.

What is the meaning of the word reappear?

English Language Learners Definition of reappear : to appear again after not being seen, felt, etc., for a period of time See the full definition for reappear in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What are some examples of reappearance in literature?

Examples of “reappear”. These broad expanding plumes reappear whenever magnetic fields are dominated by the motion. Surveillance, aestheticization, classification, debasement, affirmation, naturalization, eroticization, and appropriation appear and reappear throughout the texts on the colonial experience.

What does it mean when stars disappear and reappear?

A disappearing, reappearing star might mean, for instance, that a planet is passing between it and our telescopes, eclipsing it briefly. But it never reappears in quite the same form, either.