What is Marc Anthony Best Song?

What is Marc Anthony Best Song?

The Top 10 Best Marc Anthony Songs of All Time

  • 2 “Contra La Corriente” metalmann21.
  • 3 “No Me Ames” JenniferLopezVEVO.
  • 4 “I Need to Know” marcanthonyVEVO.
  • 5 “You Sang to Me” marcanthonyVEVO.
  • 6 “Ahora Quien” marcanthonyVEVO.
  • 7 “Valió la Pena” marcanthonyVEVO.
  • 8 “Rain Over Me” PitbullVEVO.
  • 9 “Vivir Mi Vida” marcanthonyVEVO.

Does Marc Anthony do salsa?

Marc Anthony is a singer, songwriter and actor of Puerto Rican descent who has made his mark through his Latin and salsa-inspired music.

What album is Vivir Mi Vida in?

3.0Vivir Mi Vida / Album3.0 is the ninth Spanish album and eleventh studio album by American recording artist Marc Anthony. It was released on July 23, 2013. It is his first original salsa album in over a decade. “Vivir Mi Vida,” a Spanish cover of the Khaled song C’est la vie, was released as the first single on April 15, 2013. Wikipedia

Who originally sang Vivir Mi Vida?

Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony version

“Vivir Mi Vida”
Label Sony Music Latin
Songwriter(s) Khaled, RedOne, Alex Papaconstantinou, Bilal Hajji, Björn Djupström
Producer(s) Sergio George
Marc Anthony singles chronology

Is Vivir Mi Vida a cover?

Vivir Mi Vida is a cover for the Arabic Cheb Khaled song “C’est La Vie”.

When did Vivir Mi Vida come out?

2013Vivir Mi Vida / Released
Of all the songs in Marc Anthony’s extensive and award-winning catalogue, he says “Vivir Mi Vida,” his cover of Khaled’s “C’est la Vie” in Arabic and French, released in 2013, was a pivotal one in his journey, giving him the confidence to proceed into the latest stage of his career.

What song is Marc Anthony known for?

1. La Gozadera (ft. Gente de Zona) With more than 1.3 billion views on YouTube, La Gozadera has become the most famous of Marc Antony songs, and is also on the list of most famous Spanish songs within the last 10 years.

Does Marc Anthony have English songs?

Marc Anthony is nominated in 15 categories. Anthony has produced two albums in English, though much of his fame and success has come from his Spanish-language songs. He did not announce the record label for his upcoming English-language album. Sony Music Latin has exclusive rights to his Spanish-language albums.

Is Marc Anthony currently married?

Shannon De Limam. 2014–2017
Jennifer Lopezm. 2004–2014Dayanara Torresm. 2000–2004
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