What is LSI SAS 2008 RAID controller?

What is LSI SAS 2008 RAID controller?

LSI SAS 2008 RAID Controller/ HBA Information. One of the most popular server RAID controller chip and HBA controller chip out there is the LSI SAS 2008. The LSI SAS 2008 is a 6.0gbs SAS 2 or SATA III based controller that features eight ports and native PCIe connectivity.

Is there a LSI controller mapping for LSI SAS 2008?

In the forums we have maintained a LSI Controller Mapping between LSI controllers and their OEM counterparts. This post will be updated with both information on the LSI SAS 2008, including how to flash cards between IT and IR modes for initiator-target and RAID modes, as well as the different OEM models commonly found in the marketplace.

What are the specs of the LSI SAS 2008?

Quick Notes on the LSI SAS 2008. The RAID controller supports both SAS 2 and SATA III at 6.0gbps. Approximately 9w of power consumption for common cards. Single PowerPC core at 533MHz. No onboard cache.