What is light activated switch?

What is light activated switch?

What is a Light Activated Switch? Light Activated Switch is a simple electrical project circuit by which we can switch on and off the electrical load appliances like lights, fans, coolers, air conditioners, street lights, etc., automatically based on the day-light intensity instead of manually operating the switches.

How does a light operated switch work?

A light operated switch turns on or off a relay according to ambient light. The circuit is quite simple and has only 15 components. The key components are the two transistors, the LDR (Light Dependent Resistors – Photoresistor) and the relay.

What is light sensitive switch?

A photo-electric cell measures the light level and in conjunction with the relay, provides ON/OFF control of a circuit. This device controls lighting circuits in relation to ambient light, based on user settings in such applications as street lighting, display lighting, illuminated signs etc.

What is the function of light and door operated switch?

Light Operated Doorbell. Light-dependent switches are used in automatic hand-dryers and flushers in toilets. Here is a simple light operated switch that works in normal light also. You can affix it on the main door of your house to work as an automatic doorbell or a thief alarm.

How is photoresistor used as a switch?

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Why transistor is used in LDR circuit?

In low light or darkness the ldr’s resistance is very high and all the applied voltage appears across it therefore there will be no voltage at the variable resistor and across the base of the transistor . So at this state transistor acts as a open switch also known as cut off mode.

What is a light sensor switch?

Motion sensor light switches detect motion or body heat in the room, turning on the light when a person enters and turning it off after the person exits. These switches are easy to install; most DIYers can trade out an old light switch with a motion sensor light switch in minutes with just a few simple tools.

How is a light sensor used?

Light Sensors. The light sensor is a passive device that converts the light energy into an electrical signal output. It emits a light beam (visible or infrared) from its light-emitting element. A reflective-type photoelectric sensor is used to detect the light beam reflected from the target.