What is hybrid plant?

What is hybrid plant?

Definition: In breeding, hybrids are plants or animals produced by the cross-breeding of two genetically different varieties or species. Source: GreenFacts. More: Plant hybrids are created when the pollen from one kind of plant is used to pollinate an entirely different variety, resulting in a new plant altogether.

What is the name of hybrid plants?


Species Common name Hybridization
Brassica napus Rapeseed, rutabega Allopolyploid origin
Cajanus cajan Pigeon pea Intraspecific introgression, interspecific introgression
Cannabis sativa Hemp Intraspecific introgression
Carica pentagona Babaco Interspecific hybrid origin

What are the examples of hybrid plants?

Examples of hybrid plants include :

  • Sweet corn: The vast majority of U.S. sweet corn grown are hybrid varieties.
  • Meyer lemons: Meyer lemons, originating in China, are a cross between a true lemon tree and mandarin orange tree.

What is hybrid in plant breeding?

Hybrid varieties are the first-generation offspring of a cross between parents with contrasting genotypes. With hybridization in self-pollinated crops, a line combining genes from the parents is selected following several generations of inbreeding.

Who invented the hybrid plant?

Thomas Fairchild
Thomas Fairchild is generally credited with having produced the first artificial plant hybrid, about 1716.

Why are hybrid plants important?

Hybrid plants are usually more vigorous and faster growing than other plants. This can be great for those working in agriculture as they can reap greater crops and make more money. These plant types are also more resistant to many diseases and afflictions, which effect parent plants.

How hybrid crops are produced?

In agriculture and gardening, hybrid seed is produced by cross-pollinated plants. All of the hybrid seeds planted by the farmer will produce similar plants, while the seeds of the next generation from those hybrids will not consistently have the desired characteristics.

What are the benefits of hybrid plants?

How hybrid plants are made?

How are hybrid plants bred?

The production of a hybrid corn variety involves three steps: (1) the selection of superior plants; (2) selfing for several generations to produce a series of inbred lines, which although different from each other are each pure-breeding and highly uniform; and (3) crossing selected inbred lines. …

What was the first plant hybrid?

The original plants used to create a hybrid were Carnations and Sweet Williams. The first hybrid plant was created when Thomas Fairchild put the pollen from a Carnation into a Sweet William. The new product became known as “Fairchild’s Mule”.