What is Humana MSO?

What is Humana MSO?

A management services organization (MSO) is a health care specific administrative and management engine that provides a host of administrative and management functions necessary to be successful in the ever changing healthcare environment.

What is the purpose of an MSO?

Introduction & Purpose Management Services Organizations (MSO) are business organizations that provide the necessary administrative infrastructure, scale and technology for risk bearing organizations to function successfully in their relationships with contracted payers and regulators.

Does Humana cover Noom?

Humana launches new well-being resources for Go365 DailyBurn, Fitbit, Noom and MindSciences will all give access to Go365 users as part of Humana’s expanded direct-to-consumer offerings for managing physical, emotional, and social health and wellness.

What is Humana’s integrated delivery model?

Humana’s integrated delivery model is mainly focused on five areas of influence: Humana employs 19,600 dedicated primary care doctors and nurses. It has contracts with 10,600 primary care practitioners, or PCPs, and joint ventures with another 2,700.

What is Humana’s core strategy?

Humana (HUM) core strategy is an integrated care delivery model, with the required ancillary services provided mainly by Humana’s Healthcare Services segment. The above graph shows the profits of the Healthcare Services segment, a proxy for Humana’s savings given its investment in an integrated care delivery model.

What is the best model of integrated care delivery for frail elderly?

Results: There were essentially two types of models of integrated care delivery for the frail elderly. One was a smaller, community-based model that relied on cooperation across care providers, focused on home and community care, and played an active role in health and social care coordination.

What is the private health insurance industry (XLV)?

In an attempt to capture market share, certain players in the private health insurance industry (XLV) are providing a range of services that span the entire continuum of healthcare—from hospitals, nursing homes, and health insurance, to home care services.