What is HFM SmartView?

What is HFM SmartView?

The Hyperion Smart View course is designed to take users through the steps required to access and analyze data using Smart View. HFM users learn how to query, consolidate, and analyze data from Financial Management applications followed by creating ad hoc queries, free-form grids, and advanced reports.

What is the difference between Essbase and SmartView?

Using Smart View, you can view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Microsoft® Excel, Word and PowerPoint interfaces. Release 11.1. 2.1. Smart View, unlike Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in, is an integrated office add-in that works across the Microsoft® Office Suite and not just Excel.

How do I run Smart View in Excel?

In the Manage section, go to Excel Add-ins and COM Add-ins (one at a time) and check that the Oracle Smart View for Office option is checked.

Who owns SmartView?

Samsung Electronics launched its new Samsung Smart View app, currently available on select Samsung Smart TV models in beta format.

What is POV in SmartView?

The POV (Point of View) is the starting point for forms, ad hoc grids, and functions. Using the POV Manager in Oracle Smart View for Office, you can change the default POV for forms and ad hoc grids (Essbase, Planning, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud), and the background POV for functions (all data sources).

What is Oracle Essbase?

Oracle Essbase is a business analytics solution that uses a proven, flexible, best-in-class architecture for analysis, reporting, and collaboration.

What is Fdmee?

FDMEE is the key application for integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with Oracle’s Hyperion EPM applications. FDMEE is accessed through Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, which uses Shared Services to authenticate users.

What is Epbcs?

Oracle EPBCS (Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) includes all of the world-class budgeting and forecasting, data management, and analysis capabilities of Oracle Hyperion Planning, but in a software as a service (SaaS) deployment model.

What is SmartView online?

What is smartVIEW? It is Fidelity’s web-based system for the delivery and storage of escrow and title documents. Our system allows transaction parties to coordinate, update, deliver and manage pertinent documents. SmartVIEW is an efficient, effective, convenient, time-saving transaction tool.

Does iPhone have smart view?

Open Smart View. You can open Smart View on your iPhone or iPad by tapping the Smart View app icon on your home screen, or tap “Open” next to Smart View in the App Store if you just installed the app. The Smart View app will start scanning for Samsung TVs.