What is FTDI used for?

What is FTDI used for?

FTDI chips are used in USB adapters to connect to RS232 and parallel FIFO hardware interfaces. The most frequent usage is USB-2-COM interface. They are used in: Mobile phone cables.

How do I use FTDI cable?

Connect FTDI Friend or Cable To use the FTDI cable to debug programs, add the standard Serial. begin(baudrate); line as you would with an UNO and Serial. print or Serial. println as you expect!

What is FT_Prog?

FT_Prog is a free EEPROM programming utility for use with FTDI devices. It is used for modifying EEPROM contents that store the FTDI device descriptors to customize designs. FT_Prog also includes the capability of programming the VNC1L and VNC2 firmware using a UART interface.

What is an FTDI cable?

The FTDI cable is a USB to Serial (TTL level) converter which allows for a simple way to connect TTL interface devices to USB. The other side of the cable is terminated with a 0.1″ pitch, 6-pin connector with the following pinout: RTS, RX, TX, 5V, CTS, GND (RTS is the green cable and GND is black).

How do I know if I have FTDI cable?

In Device Manager, expand Ports (COM & LPT) and select your serial port. The port number may not match what is shown here. Double-click the serial port and the USB Serial Port Properties dialog will appear. Go to the General tab and verify that the manufacturer is FTDI.

What is CDM uninstaller?

This application is used to remove installed FTDI device drivers from the user’s system and clean them from the Windows registry. CDM Uninstaller is available as a free download from the Utilities section of the FTDI website.

Is FTDI serial?

The FTDI cable is a USB to Serial (TTL level) converter which allows for a simple way to connect TTL interface devices to USB.

What is the executable version of the FTDI program?

The executable version is hard-coded for use with the default VID (0x0403) and PID (0x6001) and it can also support other VID and PID combinations by EEPROM.ini modification. The source code for this program is provided on the FTDI website at the C++ Builder examples page and can be built by C++ Builder 2009.

How do I ignore the serial number on my FTDI device?

This feature ensures any FTDI device connected to a USB port is given the same COM port number. Enter the device type and VID/PID that you want to ignore the serial number on and press WRITE to apply.

How do I know if my FTDI chip is faulty?

Step 1: check if you have a faulty ftdi chip driver Not every ftdi chip has faulty drivers, so the first step is to check the chip’s driver version. In order to check the version you need a software like usbview or usbdeview (both freeware and don’t need any installation).

How do I monitor FTDI COM ports in Windows Vista?

FTDI have provided a simple Windows Vista Sidebar gadget to monitor which FTDI COM ports are available. The list of ports continuously updates to display a list of the COM port numbers assigned to currently available FTDI devices. The gadget can be installed simply by double-clicking the file.