What is Ellis training?

What is Ellis training?

The Best Lifeguard Certification is with Ellis & Associates With a professional lifeguard certification from Ellis & Associates, your lifeguards will be held to a high training and high professional standard and expected to maintain vigilance at all times to ensure that your guests at your facility remain safe.

Is Ellis or Red Cross better?

So, essentially, while Red Cross is more common, Ellis is higher quality.

What does CARE stand for Ellis and Associates?

-Care: *Place guest on back as long as no difficulty breathing. If unresponsive and vomiting place in recovery position. *Maintain normal body temperature. *Provide oxygen.

What does the pulse oximeter do lifeguard?

The pulse oximeter is a tool used for evaluating the oxygen status of victims. It provides continuous, non-invasive monitoring of oxygen saturation of the blood. The pulse oximeter determines the oxygen saturation by passing two wavelengths of light through the finger to a photodetector.

Where are the best lifeguards in the world?

Top 10 Best Beaches In The World To Be A Lifeguard

  • 8) Dune du Payla, France.
  • 7) St.
  • 6) Praia de Salema, Algarve.
  • 5) Yyteri Pori, Finland.
  • 4) Kekaha Beach Park, Kauai, Hawaii.
  • 3) Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
  • 2) Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
  • 1) Ses Salines, Ibiza.

Why do lifeguards switch positions?

To combat both physical and emotional fatigue, guards should be rotated at least every 30 minutes with an additional 10-minute break every hour. Lifeguard rotations are an important step in keeping guards focused and alert.

How long should a lifeguard shift be?

On average a shift is 6 hours.

How long does lifeguard certification last?

Lifeguarding Courses and Prerequisites The certification, which includes First Aid, CPR and AED training, is valid for two years upon completion and is accepted nationwide. The American Red Cross is the most respected source for training and certification of this kind.

What is ILTP®?

The International Lifeguard Training Program™ (ILTP®) is a comprehensive training program with an objective driven and performance-based curriculum. It designed to provide foundational aquatic safety concepts, techniques, best practices, and the latest standards utilized in modern aquatic facilities, located anywhere in the world.

What is the ILTP® Lifeguard course?

The ILTP® lifeguard course is presented in a blended or traditional leader-led format, with student reference materials available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and simplified Chinese, among other languages. Students who successfully complete the ILTP® Lifeguard course obtain an ILTP® certificate or license that is valid for one (1) year.

Can I use the ILTP® without the comprehensive or the comprehensive?

Many individuals and/or organizations have long sought the ability to train their staff, or the community at large, using the ILTP®, without the accompanying services of the Comprehensive or the Customized Risk Prevention Program™.