What is cognitive radio technology?

What is cognitive radio technology?

Cognitive radio (CR) is a form of wireless communication in which a transceiver can intelligently detect which communication channels are in use and which are not. It instantly moves into vacant channels while avoiding occupied ones. It does not cause any interference to the licensed user.

What is cognitive radio engine?

A cognitive radio engine (CE) is where the advanced adaptation algorithms for a cognitive radio is implemented. A CE is an intelligent agent which observes the radio environment and chooses the best communication settings that meet the application’s goal.

What antennas are used in cognitive radio?

] a quad-band antenna for cognitive radio is presented. It has a direction radiation pattern in four frequency bands, covering most of the spectrum used for existing wireless applications. MEMS switch is used to adjust the operating frequency of the quad-band antenna.

What is cognitive radio Give one application?

Applications of spectrum-sensing cognitive radio include emergency-network and WLAN higher throughput and transmission-distance extensions. The evolution of cognitive radio toward cognitive networks is underway; the concept of cognitive networks is to intelligently organize a network of cognitive radios.

What is the classical definition of cognitive radio networks?

A Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) is defined to be a net- work that is controlled by a so-called Cognitive Process (CP). It is important to mention that both Cognitive Radio Devices (CRD) and CRN share the same CP, although they differ in algorithms and tasks.

What are the goals of the cognitive radio workshop?

Specific goals of the workshop were: • Identify the broad cognitive radio network technology vision and research opportunities. • Articulate some of the key research questions and challenges (i.e., the “science agenda”) that need to be addressed in order to build networks of cognitive radios.

What is cognitive radio in wireless communication?

In the context of wireless communication, Cognitive Radio has been proposed to ensure an optimal use of the spectrum. It divides the communication transceivers into two categories. Primary User has the priority to use the spectrum band while secondary user is an opportunistic user that can transmit on that band whenever it is available.

What is CRN (cognitive radio network)?

In cognitive radio network (CRN), primary users share frequency band with secondary user. Secondary users relay the traffic of primary user while primary users granted the restricted access of spectrum to secondary user.

What are the best books on cognitive radio networks?

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