What is Cogan Reese syndrome?

What is Cogan Reese syndrome?

Cogan-Reese syndrome is an extremely rare eye disorder characterized by a matted or smudged appearance to the surface of the iris; the development of small colored lumps on the iris (nodular iris nevi); the attachment of portions of the iris to the cornea (peripheral anterior synechiae); and/or increased pressure in …

What does polycoria mean?

Overview. Polycoria is an eye condition that affects the pupils. Polycoria can affect just one eye or both eyes. It’s often present in childhood but may not be diagnosed until later in life. There are two types of polycoria.

Why is my pupil not centered?

People with Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome often have a pupil that is off-center (corectopia) or extra holes in the iris that can look like multiple pupils (polycoria). This condition can also cause abnormalities of the cornea, which is the clear front covering of the eye.

Can pupils be off-center?

What is Ice disease?

Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome (ICE) syndrome is a unique ophthalmic disorder that involves an irregular corneal endothelium that can lead to varying degrees of corneal edema, iris atrophy, and secondary angle-closure glaucoma.

What is corectopia of the pupil?

Corectopia is an eccentric location of the pupil. In the photo, the displacement followed an intracapsular cataract extraction. The peripheral iridectomy at 12:30 o’clock did not prevent the occurrence of this infrequent but well-recognized complication of cataract surgery. The peaking of the distorted pupil points to the area of angle pathology.

What is the difference between Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome (ICE) and corectopia?

Corectopia, PAS, and glaucoma can occur, but iris changes are milder and glaucoma is less common than in ICE. Axenfeld–Rieger syndrome is a congenital, bilateral, autosomal dominant condition characterized by marked iris changes including atrophy, holes and corectopia and, frequently, glaucoma.

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