What is Cisco AP bridge mode?

What is Cisco AP bridge mode?

The AP WorkGroup Bridge feature enables the WAP device to extend the accessibility of a remote network. In WorkGroup Bridge mode, the AP acts as a wireless station (STA) on the wireless LAN.

What is Cisco WorkGroup Bridge?

Cisco Workgroup Bridges A WGB connects a wired network over a single wireless segment by learning the MAC addresses of its wired clients on the Ethernet interface and reporting them to the lightweight AP using Internet Access Point Protocol (IAPP) messaging.

What is Cisco repeater?

Understanding Repeater Access Points The repeater forwards traffic between wireless users and the wired LAN by sending packets to either another repeater or to an access point connected to the wired LAN. When you configure an access point as a repeater, the access point’s Ethernet port does not forward traffic.

How do I turn my Cisco router into a repeater?

Click Connectivity.

  1. Click Internet Settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select Wireless Repeater.
  4. Enter the main router or access point’s Network name (SSID), Network band and Security mode.
  5. Click to save settings. Click Yes to continue.

How do I create a WiFi bridge?

How to create a wireless bridge using an old router?

  1. STEP 1: Reset your old router to factory settings.
  2. STEP 2: Take note of the wireless settings, the IP and the Subnet Mask of your primary router.
  3. STEP 3: Access the old router’s interface.
  4. STEP 4: Get to the proper section and choose the Bridge Mode.

Which AP Access Points are supported by Cisco?

These access points include the AP1120, AP1121, AP1130, AP1231, AP1240, and AP1310. Cisco IOS releases prior to 12.4 (3g)JA and 12.3 (8)JEB are not supported.

What is the range of an access point in workgroup bridge mode?

Note Although it functions as a bridge, an access point in workgroup bridge mode has a limited radio range. Workgroup bridges do not support the distance setting, which enables you to configure wireless bridges to communicate across several kilometers.

What are the guidelines for Cisco workgroup bridges (WGB)?

The following are some guidelines for Cisco Workgroup Bridges: The WGB can be any autonomous access point that supports the workgroup bridge mode and is running Cisco IOS Release 12.4 (3g)JA or later releases (on 32-MB access points) or Cisco IOS Release 12.3 (8)JEB or later releases (on 16-MB access points).

How do I enable client mode on the workgroup bridge?

To enable client mode on the workgroup bridge, on the workgroup bridge access point CLI, enter the no infrastructure client command. Note VLANs are not supported for use with workgroup bridges.