What is Chlormethiazole used for?

What is Chlormethiazole used for?

Clomethiazole is a short acting hypnotic and sedative with anticonvulsant effect. It is used for the: management of restlessness and agitation in the elderly, short term treatment of severe insomnia in the elderly and treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms where close hospital supervision is also provided.

Is Clomethiazole a benzodiazepine?

It is structurally related to thiamine (vitamin B1), but acts like a sedative, hypnotic, muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant, having the same mechanism of action as traditional barbiturates….Clomethiazole.

Clinical data
CompTox Dashboard ( EPA ) DTXSID6022842
ECHA InfoCard 100.007.788
Chemical and physical data
Formula C6H8ClNS

What do you give for DTs?

Most experts recommend that intermittent intravenous bolus dosing of diazepam or lorazepam is the treatment of choice for drug therapy of DTs. In patients refractory to benzodiazepine therapy alone, barbiturates or other adjuncts may be added.

What is the success rate of citalopram?

RESULTS: Nearly 80% of the 2,876 outpatients in the analyzed sample had chronic or recurrent major depression; most also had a number of comorbid general medical and psychiatric conditions. The mean exit citalopram dose was 41.8 mg/day. Remission rates were 28% (HAM-D) and 33% (QIDS-SR).

How quickly does chloramphenicol work?

How long until I will know if this medication is working, and how long will the effects of this medication last? This medication should start having effects within 1 to 2 hours; however, you may not see the effects of this medication outwardly. Your animal should begin feeling better within 1 to 2 days.

What does chloramphenicol cure?

This medication is used to treat bacterial eye infections. Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic that works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This medication treats only bacterial eye infections. It will not work for other types of eye infections.

How does clomethiazole work in the body?

Clomethiazole acts as a positive allosteric modulator at the barbiturate/picrotoxin site of the GABA A receptor. It works to enhance the action of the neurotransmitter GABA at this receptor.

What is the bioavailability of chlormethiazole?

Chlormethiazole exhibits a 10-fold increase in bioavailability if coingested with alcohol and in patients with cirrhosis, presumably from an impaired first pass effect. From: Haddad and Winchester’s Clinical Management of Poisoning and Drug Overdose (Fourth Edition), 2007 Clomethiazole is a hypnotic and sedative with anticonvulsant effects.

What are the long term effects of chlomethiazole?

Long term and frequent use of chlomethiazole can cause tolerance and physical dependence. Abrupt withdrawal may result in symptoms similar to those of sudden withdrawal of alcohol or benzodiazepines. Clomethiazole is particularly toxic and dangerous if overdosed and can be potentially fatal.

Is clomethiazole a neuroprotective agent?

Clomethiazole. A sedative and anticonvulsant often used in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal. Chlormethiazole has also been proposed as a neuroprotective agent. The mechanism of its therapeutic activity is not entirely clear, but it does potentiate GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID receptors response and it may also affect glycine receptors.