What is Chloris the goddess of?

What is Chloris the goddess of?

In Greek mythology, Chloris (/ˈklɔːrɪs/; Greek Χλωρίς Chlōrís, from χλωρός chlōrós, meaning “greenish-yellow”, “pale green”, “pale”, “pallid”, or “fresh”) was a nymph or goddess who was associated with spring, flowers and new growth, believed to have dwelt in the Elysian Fields.

What does the name Chloris mean?

ch-lo-ris. Origin:Greek. Popularity:7809. Meaning:green, greenish-yellow.

Who is Chloris father?

Chloris, daughter of Orchomenus, married the seer Ampyx (son of Elatus), with whom she had a child Mopsus who also became a renowned seer and would later join the Argonauts. The Argonautica Orphica calls her by a different name, Aregonis. In some accounts, she mothered Mopsus by Zeus.

Who is Chloris in the Odyssey?

Chloris was the youngest daughter of King Amphion of Orchomenus, son of Iasus, son of Persephone, daughter of Minyas [sic]. She was often confused with another Chloris, one of the Niobids, children of another Amphion by Niobe. Chloris was said to have married Neleus and become queen in Pylos.

Where did Chloris live?

Elysian Fields
Chloris is a name attributed to various characters in Greek mythology. One of the characters named Chloris was a nymph that lived in the Elysian Fields, the area of the Underworld where the worthy souls lived. She was abducted by the god of the west wind, Zephyrus, whom she later married.

Where can I find Chloris?

Chloris is a wandering NPC in Mondstadt’s Windrise area that sells various flowers and berries not offered by Floral Whisper. She is the older sister of Floral Whisper’s owner Flora.

Where does the name Cloris come from?

The meaning of Cloris ‘blooming, goddess of flowers’. It is a girl’s name and is of Greek origin.

What was Persephone the goddess of?

of agriculture
Persephone, Latin Proserpina or Proserpine, in Greek religion, daughter of Zeus, the chief god, and Demeter, the goddess of agriculture; she was the wife of Hades, king of the underworld.

Where is the girl that sells Valberries?

The first and less reliable method is via the vendor Chloris, who can be found wandering the road in Windrise, east of Mondstadt. Her patrol location is highlighted below. Chloris only has five Valberry up for sale for 1000 Mora each, and she replenishes her stock every few days.

Can you buy Valberry?

Players can either choose to farm for the in-game resource themselves, or purchase Valberry from Botanist Chloris – an NPC who can be found loitering around Mondstadt. For those who are looking to farm for Valberries instead of purchasing them, the best place to do so is located on the Stormbearer Mountains.