What is Chinese Coromandel?

What is Chinese Coromandel?

A coromandel screen is a wood, folding screen that is carved before being painted with gold or various colors from the Ming dynasty period in China. Up to 30 layers of lacquer can be used. Its common to see them with decorative scenes of trees, birds, pagodas, scholars, and temples.

How are Coromandel screens made?

Coromandel lacquer screens were made using a technique called kuancai, literally meaning incised and colored. The technique was developed during the 16th to 17th centuries and involves several steps: Large panels of wood are primed with multiple layers of ash, powdered brick, pig’s blood, and lacquer compound.

What is a Chinese screen called?

Folding screens originated from ancient China, eventually spreading to the rest of East Asia, and were popular amongst Europeans….

Folding screen
Traditional Chinese 屏風
Simplified Chinese 屏风
Literal meaning “Wind Blocker”, “Wind Stopper”, or “Wind Wall”

How do I identify wood Coromandel?

Calamander or coromandel is hazel brown in colour with black stripes.

How do you clean a Coromandel screen?

Avoid chipping or scratching lacquer by moving furniture with care and keeping surfaces clear of sharp or heavy objects. Do not use water, oil or solvents on the surface. For daily cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth. If the surface is dull or dirty, lightly polish it using a high-quality clear paste wax.

What were screens used for?

Screens were used as diplomatic gifts. ‘From the late medieval period onward, they were sent in considerable numbers to China and to Korea,’ says McKelway.

How can I tell what my furniture is made of?

The easiest way to identify real wood furniture is by its weight. Real wood weighs significantly more than its artificial counterpart. The solid construction of a real wood piece is not only more durable but also much more sturdy.

Is the Coromandel tree extinct?

Coromandel wood was sourced from India and South East Asia and was an incredibly dense, close-grained wood. Visually a more vibrant and figured (patterned) variety from the Ebony family, the actual species of Coromandel became virtually extinct by the beginning of the 20th century.

Can you use vinegar on lacquer?

If possible, avoid abrasive chemicals, which can damage the lacquer on your furniture. For maintenance cleaning, we recommend using a soft microfiber cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Wipe it dry and then add a few drops of white vinegar.

What is a Chinese table screen used for?

“Chinese table screens were used mainly for ‘inspiration and contemplation. ‘ They served the same purpose as would jade mountains,” he said.