What is Chillicothe famous for?

What is Chillicothe famous for?

Modern Chillicothe was the center of the ancient Hopewell tradition, which flourished from 200 BCE until 500 CE. This Amerindian culture had trade routes extending to the Rocky Mountains. They built earthen mounds for ceremonial and burial purposes throughout the Scioto and Ohio River valleys.

What does the word Chillicothe mean?

principal town
It was first settled (1796) by Virginians led by Nathaniel Massie, and its name was derived from a Shawnee word meaning “principal town.” Chillicothe served as capital of the Northwest Territory (1800–03), was incorporated as a city in 1802, and was twice the state capital (1803–10; 1812–16). …

How do you spell Chillicothe Ohio?

A: Chillicothe (chil-akoth-E) is the town where the park is located. The name derives from a Shawnee word for principal town.

What is Chillicothe postal code?

45601Chillicothe / Zip code

How big is Chillicothe Ohio?

10.59 mi²Chillicothe / Area

What does Chillicothe mean in Indian?

There were, in fact, several Chillicothes who dotted Shawnee tribal lands in Ohio, Missouri and Indiana. Chillicothe is the English form of the Shawnee word Chalahgawtha, meaning “principal village.” The title designated the village in which the regional or divisional chief resided.

Why was Chillicothe the first capital of Ohio?

Chillicothe became Ohio’s first state capital. The reasons why Chillicothe played such an important role in early state government were its central location as well as the prominent men, like Tiffin and Worthington, who resided in the town.

What’s the capital of Ohio?

ColumbusOhio / Capital

The state ranks near the top, however, in population. Ohio’s capital, after being located in Chillicothe and Zanesville during the early years of statehood, was finally established in newly founded and centrally located Columbus in 1816.

What is Circleville zip code?

43113Circleville / Zip code

Is Chillicothe Ohio a good place to live?

Overall a great place to be from. Most activities are outdoor based. A beautiful historic downtown, lots of small businesses, and hiking trails. We have a great county fair held in Chillicothe every year, and our own festival “The Feast of The Flowering Moon”.

What major city is near Chillicothe Ohio?

Cities near Chillicothe (Ohio)

49 miles: Columbus
111 miles: Oxford (Ohio)
61 miles: Gallipolis
81 miles: Zanesville (Ohio)
81 miles: Dublin