What is CETA?

The Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) is an international non-profit trade association made up of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, contractors/end users, and associates.

How is the mandate of the CETA fulfilled?

How is the mandate of the CETA fulfilled? The main purpose of this job is to provide efficient and effective Secretarial service to the Board, sub committees and other governance structures.

What is the use of the Cete application guide?

CETA application guide (s) have been referred to in USP 797, and are used to help train, guide and educate technicians and professionals across our industry. The bi-annual peer-reviewed journal for CETA offers articles and papers from professionals across our industry on a wide variety of subjects—from technical innovations and updates,…

How do I access the CETA portal?

To access the portal please click on the top right of the website. . We facilitate and fund skills and learnerships developing South Africa’s skills base construction workforce. How do we exist? What is our purpose? How is the mandate of the CETA fulfilled?