What is case dependency in PEGA?

What is case dependency in PEGA?

The Case Dependency wait type pauses case processing of a parent case until the child case dependency resolves. You create a case dependency by adding a Wait step to the parent case. When a parent case reaches the Wait step, the case pauses until all child cases or any child case of a given type reach a defined status.

What is scope in wait shape in PEGA?

It is an advanced flow shape that makes your flow to wait for a certain amount of time. The wait time can be directly specified as an expected wait date time parameter or can depend on case status of other dependent cases.

Which two dependencies do you directly enforce with a wait step?

Enforce dependencies using the Wait step.

What are two ways you can configure a wait step to pause a case?

The Wait step can be configured to pause case processing based on Wait type: Case Dependency or Timer.

What is split join in PEGA?

PEGA. replied to Pradeep_kumar. Split Join: You use the Split Join shape to call multiple independent processes that operate in parallel and then later rejoin.

How do you pause SLA in PEGA?

You can’t pause the sla , instead you can delete the old SLA and create a new SLA on ur case or assignment updating the urgency , goal , deadline depending on your scenario.

What is difference between split join and split for each in Pega?

The main flow waits for the split join flows to finish, you can either stop the main flow till both the flows ends or either of the flow end. Split for Each : You have one flow, let’s say Approval and you want to run this flow for all elements in Page list to assign to different approvers.

What is parallel processing in Pega?

Parallel processing in Pega applications. You can configure a stage to run multiple processes in parallel. This configuration allows users to perform tasks independently in order to complete the work in a stage. For example, in the recruitment stage, you can include a process for interviewing a candidate.

What is Goal deadline and passed deadline in PEGA?

The passed deadline interval defines when to take further action because the step or case is past the deadline. Unlike the goal and deadline intervals, you can configure the passed deadline interval to repeat a fixed number of times, or repeat indefinitely until the user completes the assignment.

What is spinoff in Pega?

we create a parallel sub flow by using spin off. does the primary work object get resolved even if we don’t complete the parallel sub flow. Mohan. Spin off we can refer from subprocess shape and Approval , duplicate search smart shape .Could you please provide more on spinoff shape with example Prem.

What is Connect rest in Pega?

Updated on August 18, 2021. Use the Connect-REST method to start an HTTP request/response interaction between the Pega Platform and the external system identified by a Connect REST rule ( Rule-Connect-REST rule type).

What are the types of SLA in Pega?

In Pega, there are four levels for SLA: start, Goal, Deadline, and Passed deadline.