What is cambium equipment?

What is cambium equipment?

Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless solutions that connect People, Places and Things. Our wireless portfolio is used by commercial and government network operators as well as broadband service providers to connect people, places and things.

What is cnMatrix?

cnMatrix Ethernet Switches Cloud Networking solutions with cnPilot™ Wi-Fi, cnMatrix™ switching, and cnMaestro™ cloud management from Cambium Networks deliver an optimal customer experience while maintaining robust security and reducing cost. cnMatrix switches simplify network deployment and operation.

How do I reset my cnPilot E500?

How to reset cnPilot E500 and E50XS to factory default…

  1. Reset Button. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds and more to reset device to factory. Once this is successful, you would see both LED’s in Orange, which confirms reset is successful.
  2. PoE Adapter. 4 Sec Plugin-in and Plug out sequence.

What is the cambium discovery tool?

The Cambium Discovery Tool is a great way to quickly retrieve device information from your local network (ePMP, PMP 450 and also non-Cambium devices). In order to discover ePMP units, LLDP or MAC-Telnet must be enabled on the device. Download the tool here. 10 Likes.

Why Cambium Networks?

Enterprises and broadband service providers thrive when their highly complex wireless environments are simple to plan, deploy and manage. Cambium Networks provides Cloud Management, Network Service Applications and Tools designed to do just that, and at scale.

What is Cnut in cambium?

Cambium Network Updater Tool As your network deployment expands, managing updates to your equipment can become challenging. The Cambium Networks Update Tool (CNUT) provides you a centralized interface where you can track your growing network equipment deployments and upgrade software across a wide range of supported device types.