What is BWise GRC?

What is BWise GRC?

Bwise GRC is an integrated suite of compliance solutions powered by Bwise technology and built to to optimize your regulatory compliance program. Our Governance risk and compliance software can help ensure your internal control program reduces risk, costs less and gives stakeholder confidence.

What is BWise?

What is BWise? A robust platform of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions. This platform is based on a solid foundation of process management, risk management and compliance expertise. Managing corporate responsibilities and obligations, as well as structuring enterprise risk management are all key aspects of the BWise GRC Platform.

What are the governance solutions offered by BWise?

BWise offers governance solutions which include financial governance, corporate governance, and IT governance. BWise Risk Management software solution includes operational risk management, enterprise risk management, business continuity management, risk and control assessments, and vendor risk management.

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