What is biosensors?

What is biosensors?

A Biosensor basically is an analytical device. It is used for detection of an analyte which combines a biological component with a physico-chemical detector. Biosensor combines following three functionalities in one. 1. Bio-receptor 2. Transducer 3.

What are the two main components of a bio sensor?

Biosensors are defined as sensors device consisting of two main components, namely bio-receptors and transducers [1,2,3], to detect and quantify the presence of specific compounds or molecules [4]. Bio-receptors are biological sensing elements that produce chemical physics changes.

What are biological recognition elements used for biosensors?

There are three main classes of biological recognition elements which are used in biosensor applications. These are enz ymes, antibodies and, nucleic acids. In the detection of

What is needed to fabricate biosensors?

Fabrication of biosensors, its materials, transducing devices, and immobilization methods requires multidisciplinary research in chemistry, biology, and engineering.