What is Begorrah?

What is Begorrah?

/ (bɪˈɡɒrə) / interjection. an emphatic exclamation, regarded as a characteristic utterance of Irish people.

Do the Irish say Begorrah?

Begorrah is a euphemism for the phrase “by God.” You sometimes hear it in the phrase, “faith and begorrah.” It’s the Irish equivalent of an American saying, “by golly” or “by gosh.” Its first recorded use was 1839.

What does shore and begorrah mean?

Begorra is sometimes used on its own, sometimes used with the word faith as in faith and begorrah or with the word sure as in sure and begorrah. The word is a way of saying by God without taking the Lord’s name in vain, which, of course, is one of the Ten Commandments.

Do Irish people say top o the mornin?

Few dialect myths rankle more people than the purported Irish phrase, “top o’ the morning.” Any Irish person will inform you that they have never, ever heard even one of their countrymen utter these words.

What dies Erin Go Bragh mean?

until the end of time
Erin go Bragh is the English translation of the phrase, with bragh, or brach, meaning until the end of time or, according to some translations, “until doomsday.” While long said in Ireland, the phrase came into wider usage in 1847 when a group of Irish volunteers joined the Mexicans in the Mexican-American war.

What is Erin braless?

Erin go Bragh (/ˌɛrɪn ɡə ˈbrɑː/ ERR-in gə BRAH), sometimes Erin go Braugh, is the anglicisation of an Irish language phrase, Éirinn go Brách, and is used to express allegiance to Ireland.

What are some Irish sayings?

Best Irish Blessings

  • May the road rise up to meet you.
  • May the leprechauns dance over your bed and bring you sweet dreams.
  • May the roof above us never fall in.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be Irish…
  • May you have love that never ends,
  • May peace and plenty bless your world.
  • The grace of God on you.
  • Always remember to forget.