What is another name for diva?

What is another name for diva?

Diva Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for diva?

singer vocalist
famous singer opera singer
prima donna soloist
artiste vocalizer
caroler caroller

What is a diva girl?

Today, in red-top tabloid terms, if a woman is referred to as a ‘diva’ it usually means she’s difficult, temperamental and demanding. The word diva was derived from the Italian for a female deity, or goddess, and closely associated with prima donna.

Is diva a positive word?

Technically, a diva is a big-time female opera star. The word diva was a compliment, one reserved for only the greatest singers in the world. Lately, though, diva has come to describe someone that’s acting entitled or holier than thou. A person who acts like the world revolves around her is a diva.

What is the opposite of a diva?

Opposite of a (typically glamorous) woman who has a high opinion of herself. lady. gentlewoman. dame. peeress.

What is diva attitude?

Divas, by definition, are high-performing, high-maintenance narcissists. Some are needy, demanding, negative—and talk almost incessantly about themselves. Researchers say these are “unhealthy divas” and the source of their narcissism usually is low self-esteem: They are constantly trying to pump themselves up.

What does it mean when a guy calls you diva?

The official definition of a diva is “a famous and successful woman who is very attractive and fashionable.” HELLO WOMEN. Do not cringe or shy away from the term “diva.” If you are a diva, then you are doing something right with your life. As a diva, you won’t deal with drama.

What is a male diva?

divo (plural divos) A male diva; a man with the traits characteristic of a typical diva.