What is an impacted femoral neck fracture?

What is an impacted femoral neck fracture?

Impacted femoral neck fractures are also referred to as valgus impacted fractures and are classified as Garden stage 1 fractures. In elderly patients, the Garden classification of sub-capital neck fractures is usually used: Stage 1: incomplete or valgus impacted. Stage 2: complete without displacement.

What is an intracapsular fracture of the femur?

Intracapsular neck of femur fractures (#NOF) occur within the capsule of the hip joint. The blood supply to femoral head travels in a retrograde direction via the capsule. As such, any fracture within the capsule could be likely to damage this blood supply (see below, complications)

Is the femoral neck extracapsular?

The femoral neck is the region of the femur bounded by the femoral head proximally and the greater and lesser trochanters distally (shown below). A femoral neck fracture is intracapsular, that is within the hip joint and beneath the fibrous joint capsule.

What are impacted fractures?

In fracture. An impacted fracture occurs when the broken ends of the bone are jammed together by the force of the injury. A comminuted fracture is one in which the broken ends of the bone are shattered into many pieces.

What are complications of a femoral fracture?

The most common complications in femoral shaft fracture are: Nonunion. Osteomyelitis. Malalignment with malunion.

What mechanisms of injury are more likely in femoral neck fractures in the elderly?

Minor trauma causes many of the fractures in elderly patients whereas severe trauma is usually the mechanism in younger ones. Osteopenia is more common in elderly women and places them at higher risk for fracture. Microfractures of the femoral head and neck may add to the high incidence of fracture in elderly persons.

What is an impacted fracture?

Is intertrochanteric fracture intracapsular or extracapsular?

Extracapsular fractures of the proximal femur include intertrochanteric (between the trochanters) and subtrochanteric (distal to the trochanters). These fractures do not involve the neck of the femur.

Are intertrochanteric fractures intracapsular?

Intertrochanteric fractures are breaks of the femur between the greater and the lesser trochanters. They are extracapsular fractures that is, outside the hip joint’s fibrous capsule.

What is valgus impacted femoral neck fracture?

The valgus impacted femoral neck fracture was defined as the following. 1) In the AP radiograph, the fragment should be closed apposition and impaction at the medial or lateral side of the fracture site. 2) The angle of the medial group of trabeculae at the fracture site should be valgus configuration.