What is an EIA code?

What is an EIA code?

The EIA Source Code is a numeric symbol that was assigned and registered by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) that could be stamped or marked on any or all products to identify the production source or the vendor assuming product responsibility.

When did GE stop making tubes?

GE continued refining this system, up until 1978, which marked the end of production of vacuum tube type television receivers. GE produced the basic Porta-Color design well into the 1970s, even after most companies had moved to solid state designs when transistors with the required power capabilities were introduced.

Who made Valvo tubes?

1932 – 1999. Valvo started as Radio-Roehren-Fabrik GmbH (RRF GmbH) in 1924 as the vacuum tube manufactuing arm of C.H.F. Mueller GmbH which only produced X-ray tubes.

What is EIA in networking?

The Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) was founded in 1924 as the Radio Manufacturers Association. An important computer networking function of the EIA is the series of standards for residential and commercial network cabling that are collectively known as the EIA/TIA wiring standards.

Who does an environmental impact assessment?

the Central Environmental Authority
The National Environmental Act, 1998 requires environmental impact assessment for large scale projects in sensitive areas. It is enforced by the Central Environmental Authority.

How do I identify a Mullard 12ax7?

On the Mullard, if you look at the top mica as you face the plates, there are “skipped” points on the sides, characteristic of British Mullard short plate 12AX7s after late in the first year (1959), but not BELs or other Philips 12ax7s from the 1960s-70s.

Does General Electric still make TVs?

GE will continue to sell TVs and other consumer electronic products, some of which it will manufacture, and will retain its TV-set distribution and service network. With GE`s exit from set-making, Glenview-based Zenith Electronics Corp., RCA Corp.

Where are Philips tubes made?

All of these factories may at one time or another produced tubes with various other names attached, which is why we see Amperex and Mullard tubes made in Holland, or Philips branded tubes made in England.

What is the difference between TIA EIA 568A and TIA EIA 568B?

The TIA/EIA 568A provides backward compatibility to a single pair and two pair USOC wiring schemes. Unlike the TIA/EIA 568A standard, the TIA/EIA 568B standard provides backward compatibility to only a single pair USOC wiring scheme.

How do I know if my tubes are USA or EIA?

USA codes will always be in the form of 3 or 4 numerical digits. If your tube has these codes on it, you can get they’re USA tubes. Here are some examples and a list of common USA EIA codes.

What is the EIA code for vacuum tubes?

Identifying Vintage NOS Vacuum Tubes by Brand Country and EIA Code Amperex (USA) 111 Machlett 231 RCA (Radio Corp of America) 274 Raytheon 280 Superior Tube Co 310

What are some examples of EIA codes?

Here are some examples and a list of common USA EIA codes. 3 Digit 280 Code = Raytheon, Made in USA 3 Digit 188 Code = GE, Made in USA European codes can be a bit more difficult to decipher.

What is the EIA code for 1949?

274 is the EIA code (RCA) 9 is the last digit of the year (in this case 1949). Usually single digit date codes are from the 1940’s, but have on occasion shown up in later decades, even up to the 1970’s.