What is an Eagle Scout project workbook?

What is an Eagle Scout project workbook?

Service to other people is what Scouting is all about. In many ways, your service project reflects who you are as a youth leader. Your result should be of significant impact in your community to be special, and should represent your very best effort.

How do I save my Eagle Scout project workbook?

Ensure you have Adobe Reader 9 or later Right click on this workbook link: Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927. Once the dialog box appears, click on “Save target [or link] as . . .” • Another dialog box will appear for you to name your “save as” file and to choose where you would like to save it.

Is Eagle Scout still prestigious?

Created in 1911, Eagle Scout is the highest rank of the Scouts BSA (formerly Boys Scouts of America). 1 Because it takes years of hard work, service, and determination to become an Eagle Scout, this prestigious milestone is recognized across the country and the world.

Is Eagle Scout worth putting on a resume?

Having Eagle Scout on your resume will improve your job prospects and help you stand out from the competition, especially as a young person applying to an entry-level role. The Eagle award demonstrates leadership skills, persistence and character to potential employers, which will raise your chances of being hired.

How do you complete an Eagle Scout project?

Eagle Scout Rank Application and Board of Review Process

  1. Complete All the Requirements.
  2. Complete the Application.
  3. Obtain Required Signatures.
  4. Prepare the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.
  5. Submit Binder to Council Service Center.
  6. Council Verifies Application and Board of Review Scheduled.
  7. References Contacted.

How long does an Eagle project take?

The Eagle Project is supposed to be a “leadership project” and should demonstrate that the boy can be a leader of others in doing a service project that benefits another person or organization. Boy Scouts says that Eagle Projects average about 160 hours of work.

When can I start my Eagle project?

A Scout can begin planning his project as soon as he becomes a Life Scout. That said, many Scouts find it helpful to focus on merit badges first and the Eagle project second (or vice versa).

What makes a good Eagle Scout project?

Clearing and mulching a mile-long trail at a local wilderness area or at a park.

  • Building,installing,and planting planter boxes at a community theater or school.
  • Building and installing instrument storage units in a school band room.
  • How to plan an Eagle Scout project?

    –Narrow down your list of possible Eagle Scout Projects. Start reaching out to beneficiaries. –Write out your Eagle project budget and make changes to the scope of your project, if necessary. –Start fundraising for your Eagle Project! Approximately 8 months (Month 17 – Month 24) Earn your last 4 merit badges (3 of which are Eagle-required)

    What are some ideas for an Eagle Scout project?

    Construction Projects. Construction projects are a great way to do something for your community that will have some permanence.

  • Event-Type Projects. Planning an event is a great way to put your organizational skills to the test while doing some charity work for the community.
  • Tech Projects
  • What are the best Eagle Scout projects?

    Now he’s ready to earn the highest achievement to become an Eagle Scout. The service project he’s been building but knew this would be the best location for it. “This is right in New Scotland