What is ADOA?

What is ADOA?

SO…WHAT IS ADOA? ADOA, also known as Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy, is a genetically inherited disease that affects the optic nerves. DETAILS. ADOA causes reduced visual acuity and is a contributing factor of blindness, vision loss or impairment, beginning in childhood.

What is ADOA plus syndrome?

ADOA Plus is caused by mutations in the OPA1 gene. (10) Symptoms of ADOA Plus Syndrome typically start to occur within the first decade of life and are characterized by bilateral and symmetric progressive visual loss.

What is an ADOS order?

ADOS orders allows a Soldier to be used in a variety of ways to add temporary manpower support to the State’s more permanent AGR workforce. ADOS orders can last 1 day or in some cases years, although the latter has become very rare since the GWOT operation tempo has decreased and budgets are being reigned in.

How can I improve my visual functioning with ADOA?

However, people with ADOA may find improvement in visual functioning with magnifiers, telescopes, tinted lenses, electronic magnifiers, or other adaptive devices. These types of visual devices are available from a low vision rehabilitation optometrist.