What is acyclovir 5% ointment used for?

What is acyclovir 5% ointment used for?

Topical acyclovir is used to treat the symptoms of herpes simplex virus infections of the skin, mucous membranes, and genitals (sex organs). Although topical acyclovir will not cure herpes simplex, it may help relieve the pain and discomfort and may help the sores (if any) heal faster.

What is Clinovir used for?

Aciclovir tablets can be used mainly for the treatment of non-severe skin and mucous membranes herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections. Your child’s doctor will recommend IV aciclovir for the treatment of neonatal HSV and severe HSV infection, if your child’s immune system is not working properly.

How long can you use acyclovir cream?

For topical dosage form (cream): For herpes simplex infection: Adults—Apply to the affected area(s), four to six times a day, for up to ten days.

Do I need a prescription for Acyclovir topical ointment?

Zovirax Cream is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of cold sores (Herpes Labialis) and Genital Herpes. Zovirax Cream may be used alone or with other medications. Zovirax Cream belongs to a class of drugs called Antivirals.

Can you put acyclovir on your vagina?

Aciclovir cream is not intended for use in your mouth or vagina, or near your eyes. This is because it may irritate these parts of your body.

When should I stop using acyclovir cream?

Use the cream for at least 5 days. If the genital herpes sore has not healed by then, you can carry on using the cream for another 5 days. If the affected area has still not healed after a total of 10 days, stop using the cream and tell your doctor.

Is acyclovir cream an antibiotic?

Acyclovir topical (for the skin) is an antiviral medicine that is used to treat skin symptoms caused by the herpes virus. Acyclovir topical cream is used to treat cold sores on the lips and face.

How much water should you drink when taking acyclovir?

Acyclovir is best taken with a full glass (8 ounces) of water. If you are using acyclovir oral suspension, use a specially marked measuring spoon or other device to measure each dose accurately. The average household teaspoon may not hold the right amount of liquid.

Is acyclovir an antifungal?

Acyclovir is an antiviral drug.