What is A286 steel?

What is A286 steel?

A286 Stainless Steel is a heat and corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel that is age-hardenable to achieve a high strength level.

What material group is A286?

stainless steel
Incoloy Alloy® A-286 (also known as A286 stainless steel) is a nickel and iron-based, austenitic superalloy that is useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300°F (704°C), and for lower stress applications at higher temperatures.

Is A286 corrosion resistant?

CORROSION AND OXIDATION RESISTANCE ATI A286™ alloy content is similar in chromium, nickel, and molybdenum to some of the austenitic stainless steels. Consequently, ATI A286™ alloy possesses a level of aqueous corrosion resistance comparable to that of the austenitic stainless steels.

Is A286 steel magnetic?

A286, which is a ductile, non-magnetic, iron-based alloy, can reach its highest strength level through solution heat treating and age hardening.

Is A286 stainless magnetic?

Stainless Steel A286 is a precipitation-hardenable super-alloy based on iron. The material finds use in applications requiring high strength, paired with corrosion resistance up to 1300 °F (700 °C)….Physical Properties.

Property Imperial Metric
Magnetic Permeability (Solution Treated and Aged) 1.007 1.010

What grade is ams-5732 A286?

A286 Age Hard – 1800° Solution Treated – AMS 5732 (Supersedes AMS 5735), Grade 660 Type 2 Class B A286 Solution Treated – AMS-5731 (Supersedes AMS-5736), Capable of AMS-5732 A286 “Cold Reduced” Capable of 160 KSI – Chemistry only to the following: AMS-5731, AMS-5732, AMS-5734, AMS-5736, AMS-5737, AMS-5853

What is AMS 5737 stainless steel?

AMS 5737 is a sub-type specification of Stainless Steel A286, a precipitation-hardenable super-alloy with high strength at elevated temperatures, good corrosion resistance up to 1300 °F (700 °C), and excellent non-magnetic strength at cryogenic temperatures, down to -320 °F (-196 °C).

Can Ams 5858 be used for welding A-286?

Welding A-286 is mainly done in thin walled sections, as heavier sections are susceptible to hot cracking. AMS 5858 is designed and supplied for welding. A-286 is also frequently used in gas turbines for low pressure buckets and first and second stage turbine wheels, as it retains strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures.

What forms of A286 steel do you stock?

We stock A286 steel in round bar (AMS 5731, 5732, 5737), sheet and coil forms (AMS 5525, 5858), with a variety of cutting and processing services available. Not finding what you are looking for? Connect with our sourcing group at [email protected]