What is a Winchester 25-35 worth?

What is a Winchester 25-35 worth?

25-35 Lever Action Rifle sold at auction on 30th May | Bidsquare….Bid Increments.

Price Bid Increment
$7,000 $1,000

Are old Winchester rifles worth anything?

Winchester Model 1866 High-quality authentic models of this rifle can sell for anywhere between $10,000-$500,000 depending on the year they were produced, their provenance, and their condition.

Is the Winchester 94 a good gun?

Some aspects of the Model 94 have changed over time but today’s Winchester Model 94 continues to possess the same strong features and design properties that have made it the first choice of many lever action hunters — particularly deer hunters — since 1894. It is still often referred to as The Gun That Won the West.

What caliber is a 25-35?

30-30, it was one of the earliest smokeless cartridges designed in North America for a sporting rifle. Savage adopted it for its Savage Model 99 lever-action rifles….

.25-35 Winchester
Bullet diameter .258 in (6.6 mm)
Neck diameter .282 in (7.2 mm)
Shoulder diameter .365 in (9.3 mm)
Base diameter .422 in (10.7 mm)

What caliber is a Winchester 1894?

Winchester Model 1894
Barrel length 20 in (510 mm)
Cartridge .30-30 Winchester, .32-40 Winchester, .38-55 Winchester, .25-35 Winchester, .32 Winchester Special, 7-30 Waters, .307 Winchester, .356 Winchester, .375 Winchester, .357 Magnum, .44 Remington Magnum, .444 Marlin, .45 Colt, .450 Marlin, .410 bore
Action Lever-action

How much is the Winchester worth?

The Winchester House It was sold at auction for $135,000 and opened to the public five months later.

What rifle did Longmire use?

Winchester Model 1894 Rifle
In the show, Walt Longmire is portrayed by actor Robert Taylor. Throughout the 2012 series, Longmire’s choice of guns include a Colt Model 1911 . 45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) with stag grips and a Winchester Model 1894 Rifle . 30-30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire).