What is a source-based?

What is a source-based?

Source-based research engages with pre-existing sources, whether texts, images, video, archive material and so on. By building on and critiquing this pre-existing knowledge, you are creating new knowledge. See our pages here for guidance on research with sources.

What is a source-based question?

All source-based questions demand that you reach a judgment. Very few questions will only ask you to superficially relate what is being stated. The expectation will always be that you provide deep analysis of what the source means, what it reveals about a particular issue.

How do you answer how useful sources?

Describe accurate facts found in the source which are relevant to the question’s topic. Don’t just write the exact quotes – you have to explain why they are relevant (write the “quote” and then say in your own words what this shows). You can include up to two points from the source.

How do you write a single source essay?

A good persuasive single-source essay will:

  1. Have a clearly stated thesis statement in the introduction.
  2. Have an introduction which leads smoothly into the body.
  3. Have clearly stated reasons.
  4. Have direct explanation of why those reasons prove that your argument makes sense.

What is the source of information mentioned in the paragraph?

Answer. Explanation:An Information Source is a source of information for somebody, i.e. anything that might informs a person about something on provide knowledge to somebody. Information sources may be observations, people speeches, documents, pictures, organizations etc.

What is the source of information or message?

The “source” is the sender of the message – in other words, you! And the “message” refers to the information and ideas that you want to deliver. You need to be clear about what message you want to communicate, and why it’s important – what’s its main purpose?

What is the best source of information Brainly?

Answer. Explanation: Book is the best source of information because it has a lot of informative knowleges that you can read and collect on it.