What is a Sony NEX-3N?

What is a Sony NEX-3N?

Manufacturer description: The Sony NEX-3N is Sony’s entry-level NEX camera, replacing the NEX-F3. It features a smaller body than the F3, and Sony says it is the smallest, lightest mirrorless camera to feature an APS-C sensor, despite featuring a built-in flash.

What is the difference between NEX 3 and Nex 5?

NEX-3 The NEX-3’s grip is flatter and wider than the NEX-5’s, and overall we found it slightly less secure to hold than its pricier sibling. Your comfort may vary, of course, but in general we think the NEX-5 has the ergonomic edge. The NEX-3 may not have the magnesium alloy construction but it still feels solidly put together.

Is the NEX-5 easy to hold?

There’s very little to the NEX-5’s body beyond the handgrip and the flip-out screen but, despite its small size, it is easy to hold and encourages a stable two-handed grip. One of the only distinctions between the NEX-5 and its less expensive sibling, the NEX-3, is its magnesium alloy construction, which gives a really solid feel.

What is the difference between the NEX series cameras?

The NEX series will initially comprise two cameras – the NEX-5 and NEX-3. In terms of specifications, both cameras are essentially identical – the NEX-5 gets a slightly smaller magnesium alloy body, an infrared remote receiver and 1080i AVCHD movie recording, but in every other respect they’re the same.

What is the Sony NEX system?

The waiting is now over as, following the showing of some mock-ups at PMA and a torrent of teasers and leaks, Sony finally officially announced its NEX system last month. The details are exactly what you’d expect – HD video capable APS-C sensors in small bodies.