What is a property swale?

What is a property swale?

A swale is a sloped soil, grassy area located in between the edge of the road and the “right-of-way” line, which may be a sidewalk or front yard. The swale is used for draining excess water from the roadways.

How far apart should swales be?

Tom, Of course it depends . . . but a general rule is that you want to space swales the tree height apart. So if your plan to plant trees that will be 100 feet in the air, then you want your swales 100 feet apart. If you are planting trees that will mature to 15 feet tall, then dig swales 15 feet apart.

What is a swale easement?

Swale- A swale is a low tract of land, especially one that is moist or marshy. The term can refer to a natural landscape feature or a human created one. Artificial swales are often designed to manage water runoff, filter pollutants, and increase rainwater infiltration.

Where do you put swales?

So, ideally, a swale will be installed at the highest point possible but still low enough, downslope, to catch water run-off. From here, spread the water out on level plain by extending the swale on contour for as long as possible, that way water can absorb evenly into the land downhill.

Who is responsible for the swale?

property owners
Swales are usually public property owned by the Town. However, property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the swale area in front of their property.

What is a backyard swale?

Swales are designed to convey excess rainwater into their ditch-like interior where it is held and gradually filtered through plants and soil back into the area. Swales are different from rain gardens in that they filter water slowly while preventing flooding and other water excess issues.

Do I need a swale?

The primary purpose of most swales in dry climates is to protect structures and to slow down or divert water. While it might seem like our drought-prone state would not need much in the way of excess water management, drainage swales are a critical part of flood prevention and help keep our ground water cleaner.

What are swales in permaculture?

A swale is a ditch dug on contour – this means that water is not draining in one direction, instead it spreads evenly across the slope and sinks into the soil. As we’ve made deep terraces, our garden is a variation of this, but still receives the same benefits – water in the ground.

Are swales effective?

Contour swales are a very effective tool for mitigating erosion and spreading water evenly across a site. They are also an excellent tool for passively irrigating a large planting area, such as an orchard.

What is the difference between a ditch and a swale?

Swales and ditches are similar in a few ways, it is often said about swales that they are ditches on contour. To put it simply, a ditch is made to carry water away and a swale is made to collect and slowly release water into the landscape.

Are swales necessary?

Swales, like any catchment, are a means of stopping water runoff, especially from roads and hard surfaces, and putting it to use rather than having it drain away. Using swales for these reasons can prevent both floods and droughts, which make them a pretty powerful tool.