What is a PC-1 form?

What is a PC-1 form?

PC-I is a project documents which covers almost all aspects of the project. It all column should be filled with care. PC-II is a feasibility report which has to be prepared for Mega Projects. PC-II of mega projects is mandatory to be annexed with PC-I.

What are the main components of PC-1?

Instructions to Fill-in PC-I Proforma(Social Sectors)

  • Indicate name of the agency responsible for sponsoring, execution, operation and maintenance.
  • Education, training and manpower.
  • Culture, sports, tourism & youth.
  • Mass media.
  • Research.
  • Capital cost estimates.
  • (Million Rs)
  • In case of revised Projects, Provide.

What is a PC IV?

(PC – IV PROFORMA) To be furnished immediately after completion of the project regardless the project accounts have been closed or not.

What is PC III?

PC-III (A) form for Physical Targets based on PSDP Allocations. PC-III(B) Monthly Progress Reporting.

What is planning commission in civil engineering?

Planning Commission is charged with delivering growth through planning and project implementation. Through 9 plans and several „visions‟ and other well researched documents, the Planning commission has tried to work this mandate.

What is PC1 and PC2 in civil engineering?

PC-I = Planning. PC-II = Survey as well as Flexibility. PC-III = Progress. PC-IV = Completion.

What is PC1 and PC2 and PC3?

PC stands for “Profit Contribution”. By definition PC is a profit measure in your P&L: revenues – costs. By default, PC1 is above PC2, which is above PC3. As such PC3 typically is the lowest margin of all 3 as it includes all expenses down to PC3 which are also included within PC1 and PC2.

What does PC2 stand for?


Acronym Definition
PC2 Proprotein Convertase 2 (enzyme)
PC2 Postal Clerk Second Class (Naval Rating)
PC2 Positive Control 2
PC2 Precursor Convertase 2

What does PC stand for in project management?

A project charter (PC) is a document that states a project exists and provides the project manager with written authority to begin work.

What is PC-1 form?


What is the PC-1 form (infrastructure sectors)?

PLANNING COMMISSION PC-1 FORM (INFRASTRUCTURE SECTORS) 1. Name of the project 2. Location 3. Authorities responsible for: Sponsoring Execution Operation and maintenance

What is the revised 2005 PC-1 form of Pakistan?

Revised 2005 PC-1 FORM GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN PLANNING COMMISSION PROFORMA FOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS (INFRASTRUCTURE SECTORS) Transport & Communication Telecommunication Information Technology Energy (Fuel & Power) Housing, Government Buildings & Town Planning Irrigation, Drainage & Flood Control Revised 2005 GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN

Who can sign the PC-I form?

It may also be confirmed that PC-I has been prepared as per guidelines issued by the Planning Commission for the preparation of PC-I for Infrastructure Sector projects. The PC-I alongwith certificate must be signed by the Principal Accounting Officer to ensure its ownership. 1 Title PC-1 FORM Author Abdul Jabbar Last modified by