What is a PASMA test?

What is a PASMA test?

The PASMA standard training course is aimed for any person who is involved with the use of Mobile Access Towers. This PASMA course will provide candidates with the necessary training to safely erect, use, inspect and dismantle aluminium or fibreglass Mobile Access Towers.

Can you fail PASMA course?

Can you fail the e-learning? No. If you fail a knowledge check, you can keep going back to try again. The written assessment is still completed in-person at your training centre and as always, it’s possible to fail at this stage.

Do you need PASMA to use a tower?

Both PASMA and the HSE specifically recommend that you do not use a safety harness and lanyard when working on mobile towers. If the guardrails have been correctly installed then the tower has collective fall protection so personal fall protection is not necessary.

What is PASMA training?

PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) is the nationally recognised body for mobile access towers safety and training. It offers a range of courses run by accredited training centres and instructors, aimed at anyone engaged in the assembly, use, inspection and dismantling of towers.

Do you have to be trained to use a scaffold tower?

Towers should be erected by trained and competent people. There are a number of organisations that provide training for the safe erection and use of tower scaffolds.

How much is a pasma course?

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Course Title Days Price ex. VAT
PASMA Training Course – Mobile Scaffold Tower for Stairs 1 from £125.00
PASMA Training Course – Mobile Scaffold Tower with Cantilevers 1 from £150.00
PASMA Training Course – Towers for Managers 1 from £115.00
PASMA Training Course – Working at Height Essentials 0.5 from £74.00

How long is a pasma training course?

Pick the one-day training course that best applies to your circumstances.

How long does pasma last?

5 years
When you complete either IPAF or PASMA training, you’ll be issued with the appropriate card, showing the level of training completed as well as the expiry date. Both types of card are valid for 5 years, after which you will either need to take a refresher course or complete the full course again.

How do I get a pasma certificate?

How do I receive my PASMA certificate?

  1. Open our Check a Card tool.
  2. Enter your first and last name exactly as they appear on the card, along with your certificate number.
  3. Click Find card.
  4. Scroll down the page and click Download certificate.

Can Scaffolders work alone?

NOTE: Scaffolders who need to use a harness should never work alone. If, however, the faller is injured, unconscious and/or suspended in mid-air, rescue is going to be more difficult to achieve.

How high can an aluminium tower go?

Mobile scaffold towers are aluminium structures erected on the site. These can be built to the maximum height of up to 12 metres.

What is the symptoms of PASMA?

The most common symptoms of pasma are hand tremors, sweaty palms, numbness and pains. “Pasma” is thus very different from the Spanish term from which it takes its root: espasmo, which means “spasm.”

What is Pasma training?

PASMA – Mobile Access Towers for Users (E-Learning) Our PASMA training user e-learning course includes a practical training session and assessment covering the safe use of mobile access towers for users.

Do I need to register for Pasma towers courses?

If you are ready to start training under PASMA towers courses and the PASMA Code of Practice, then you need to get registered for the initial training session. If you have already completed Work at Height and are looking into further courses, then you simply have to be registered for whatever you plan to take next.

How do I become a Pasma instructor?

Successful delegates can become PASMA instructors and offer their training services to other trainees or peers or use the information to inform another tower team on both theory and practical matters. Potential instructors must be in a member company of PASMA or currently undertaking PASMA courses.

What is a Pasma photo ID card?

They develop your skills through practical training, and successful candidates have ‘passed the inspection’, enabling them to offer their services to their company (or as a freelancer/contractor). Completing certain courses can qualify you for a PASMA photo ID card, which certifies that you have attended training courses.